Dream BIG ❤️ Create Often ❤️ Inspire Others 

Remember the first time you sold something you made by hand?  How exciting it was and how you wished for more of that feeling?  Maybe people ask you to show them how to do what you do... Have you ever tried teaching someone your skill set?

Do you find yourself wondering what the next step is... markets, a website or even a store?  Maybe even holding classes?  How Cool would this be so to share with other people?!  

What if you could take this same passion and enthusiasm and turn it into an extra

$500, $750 or even $1000 (or more) as often as you want?

You can do it!  Let me show you How!

Making Money is Easier than you think!

It's not difficult to generate a few hundred dollars every month or even replace your Full-Time income with your Hobby turned Business, once you find the right strategy.  

I've tried it all!

Craft Sales, Farmer's Markets, Music Festivals, Selling in Galleries, Selling Online, and Teaching Classes both in my Home Studio and Mobile Classes!  I've learned what works, what doesn't, and now I'm here to show you how I did it!

Are you Doubting Yourself?

Maybe you've never jumped into the deep end.  You're afraid to make a mistake or to fail miserably.  You don't have the skills or knowledge to take your Hobby to the next level.  I get it.  I've been there.  But I have a secret to share with you:

Practice really does make Perfect!

Modelling and Using a System that Works is the easier path to take!  Avoid the Pitfalls and Mistakes most Beginners make.

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Shifting from Hobbyist to Entrepreneur requires a change in mindset.  Learning from someone who's experienced every challenge and overcome every obstacle is key.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

As long as you are willing to Take Action, even if its baby steps, you'll be able to achieve anything your heart desires!

Hey!  I'm Brandi Penrose, aka CuteCraftyGirl 

Artist, Wandering Gypsy and Dumpster Diver Extraordinaire!  In my 10+ years of making Art and Teaching Classes, more and more students are wanting to learn How I do it.  So I'm here to reveal all... the Good, Bad and Ugly in my NEW Course:  Turn Your Hobby into a Business.

Before my career as an Artist, I was in Retail Management.  After almost 10 years in the workforce, I discovered how it felt to be a cog in the machine, and how being treated as a number vs a person is no way to live life.  I turned to my Stained Glass Hobby as a way to relieve stress, and by 2009, I quit my job to pursue Art Full-Time!

Over the years, I've not only learned all the tricks of the trade, but also made all the mistakes in the book.  I created this course specifically to show you what works and what doesn't so that you can sell more of your arts and crafts and skip the pain and frustration that comes with the mistakes and failures. 

My intention is to be Honest, Transparent, and as helpful as possible, while challenging you to Think and Dream BIGGER than ever before!

Wait!  Before we get Started: 
Is this Course Right for YOU?

This Course is Ideal for You if:

  • You have experience and knowledge about your Hobby
  • You have made at least 1 sale of something you've made (either physical or digital product)
  • You have a desire to make more money and create a bigger impact with your skills and talent
  • You're willing to take action steps and move outside of your comfort zone
  • You're adaptable and flexible to try new things
  • You have time and money to invest to grow your business

This Course is NOT for You if:

  • You are just starting a Hobby and are just figuring out how to make cool art
  • You have no intention of selling, sharing ideas, skills or your talent with the world
  • You do not want to take risks and or try new things
  • You are too thrifty to invest into yourself and your business
  • Uncertainty and Challenges cause you to become Paralyzed with Indecision
  • You find Excuses to stay stuck instead of being open to solutions and new methods

Still here?  Great!  Keep Scrolling!

Dream BIG

Let your Imagination run Wild!  You are capable of achieving anything your heart desires!

Create Often

Take Action!  Dreams come true with small steps forward in the right direction!

Inspire Others

Your willingness to share ideas, skills and your talent builds connection with community and the world!

What's Included:

8 Comprehensive Modules

Email & Workshop Templates

Checklists, Strategy Tips & Tricks

Real-Life Examples & Case Studies!

Plus: 4 Bonus Modules!

Check Out the Modules:

The Artist Life: What it’s Really Like

In this module you will see what the typical week of a full time artist looks like, as well as set goals for what you’d like to achieve.  

Bonus Module 1 - Creating Art Faster & More Efficiently

Learn the Tips and Tricks to getting ready for Big Events, "Production" Best Practices, and eliminating dead time while you Create!

Research, Strategy & Marketing

In this module you will learn an easy way to conduct market research, and figure out who your ideal customer is.  You’ll figure out the best ways to sell, and how to set yourself up for success!

Pricing Your Art

Work Smarter, not Harder.  In this module you will learn which pricing strategies to use, and when, to maximize your profits and stand out from the crowd.

Staying Organized

Learn how to structure your files & inventory to streamline your sales processes to ensure future growth. Learn about the different customer types and how to target each one correctly. 

Making your First Sales

With everything you need to start selling in place you will learn how to sell from your home studio, sell to friends, family and to NEW customers!
You will also learn The Rules used to take on commissioned work, including getting paid, and attracting repeat customers.

Selling Through Social Media

Want to become known as an artist and grow your sales even faster? Social Media might be the answer!  In this module you will learn which social media websites work for artists, how to promote your work, and branch out to find your Ideal Customer!

Selling On Your Own Website

In this module you will learn how to create your own website, without any coding skills!
You’ll see which pages you need to have on your website and how to sell directly off your website.

Teaching Classes

Control how much money you make!  In this module you will learn exactly how to plan and execute your own successful classes!
Learn where are the best places to hold them, how to plan your layout, how to promote the class as well as get other people to assist you with the work!

Each Module Consists of:

 Full Colour Manuals

Download or Access from your device on the go, anytime, anywhere!

Templates & Checklists

Fill in your Business details and you're off and running with these Easy, Done for You forms!

Real Life Examples

Step-by-Step instructions that anyone can follow and duplicate that bring Results!

Online Course with Digital PDF Downloads



☟ Here's What You Get ☟

  • 8 Comprehensive Modules 
  • 4 BONUS Modules
  • Pre-Made Downloadable Email, Event & Workshop Templates
  • Checklists, Strategy Tips & Tricks avoid costly mistakes   
  • Real Life Examples with photos
  • Case Study:  Starting a NEW Business with Stained Glass Classes!

Wait!  There's More! 
​Here's the 
4 Bonus Modules:

Bonus Module 1 - Selling Through Galleries

In this module you will learn how to create a portfolio that is designed to get the attention of any Gallery Owner.  You will learn the correct way to approach and present to galleries in order to maximize your chance of being accepted.
Also learn what should be in the gallery agreement before you sign on the dotted line to ensure the best win/win relationship.

Bonus Module 2 - Selling at Craft Markets, Farmer's Markets & Festivals

How to find them, get accepted, and how to increase sales to maximize profits!  Also learn how to transport your goods safely, helpful hints on presentation, signage and strategy hacks to stand out from the crowd!

Bonus Module 3 - Working with Other Artists & Getting FREE Studio Time!

Make lasting partnerships with other Artists, complimentary businesses, and how to make agreements for things like studio supplies or space to create!

Bonus Module 4 - Secret Ways To Sell!

The subtle ways to win over customer's hearts, make lasting relationships, and more Money so you can keep doing what you LOVE!

Earn a recurring income while you're on holiday, sleeping, or save for retirement!  In this module you will learn techniques which you can use to create up to 7 powerful income streams which keep the money rolling in EVERYDAY whether you are working or not.

This Could be YOU!

Everything you Need to Know! (and More!)

The Artist Life: 
What it’s really like

​Marketing: Research and Materials

Pricing Your Wares

Staying Organized

Making your First Sale

Selling Through Social Media

Selling On Your Own Website

Teaching Classes

Selling through Galleries

Selling at Craft Markets, Farmer's Markets & Festivals

Working with Others & getting FREE Studio Time!

Secret Ways to Sell

Online Course with Digital PDF Downloads



☟ Here's What You Get ☟

  • 8 Comprehensive Modules 
  • 4 BONUS Modules
  • Pre-Made Downloadable Email, Event & Workshop Templates
  • Checklists, Strategy Tips & Tricks avoid costly mistakes   
  • Real Life Examples with photos
  • Case Study:  Starting a NEW Business with Stained Glass Classes!

What Students are Saying:

Brandi is great with instruction and is very creative and not afraid to try anything!!  Enjoyed myself immensely in her class. lots of awesome and fun conversation!!  Great energy and not intimidating at all!!  Thanks Brandi!

Katherine G

Brandi's stained glass class is one of the best classes I've taken. I loved it so much, I took it three times! Her step by step instructions are clear, making it easy to create a beautiful piece. Brandi is a talented artist who shares her expertise in a fun and relaxing way. I highly recommend her classes.

Kay H

Brandi is an amazing teacher.  Very talented.  Lots of fun to be around.  If you're wanting to learn to make stained glass, she's your gal.  I’d never heard of a travelling stained glass class before meeting Brandi and there is no need to look further, she's the best.

Stephanie H

Brandi was really patient and good at giving instructions which helped calm my nerves and make it easier!

Crystal K

I’ve done 4 classes now with Brandi! She is very knowledgeable and a fun teacher. She makes it easy to learn this!!

Audrey M

I've taken 2 stained glass classes with Brandi and both were fantastic.  Super easy to follow along with the steps and you make some great art.  The enthusiasm for creativity oozes out of Brandi, so much so, I bought all the supplies for my own studio after just one class!!  If any of these classes are in your area, GO!!  You won't be disappointed

Sherri F

Are you Ready to 

Turn Your Hobby into a Business?

Online Course with Digital PDF Downloads



☟ Here's What You Get ☟

  • 8 Comprehensive Modules 
  • 4 BONUS Modules
  • Pre-Made Downloadable Email, Event & Workshop Templates
  • Checklists, Strategy Tips & Tricks avoid costly mistakes   
  • Real Life Examples with photos
  • Case Study:  Starting a NEW Business with Stained Glass Classes!

This Course is Designed to help budding Entrepreneurs start Making Money with their Talents and Hobbies.  Choosing to up-level your Business and your Life is about personal choice and growth, and it's about Taking Action!  We cannot guarantee your results, income or any outcome if you choose to use to use the tools, templates, strategies or secrets.  We deliver the highest quality of training and content that we can in order to serve you for years to come.  Your results depend on your decisions, your actions and your level of personal commitment and accountability.  Nothing on this page or our websites is meant to guarantee results.  We do not offer legal, tax, financial or any professional advice.  The numbers and figures on this website are for examples and illustrative purposes only, and should not be considered a guarantee of your future earnings. 

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